May 2021 ULMS Update

Project Management

  • ELUNA sessions have been running throughout the month. The webinars are recorded and should be available to watch on-demand in June.

  • Clarivate announced the purchase of ProQuest, Ex Libris’ parent company, earlier this week. We have met with Ex Libris and have been assured that it will be business as usual for the foreseeable future.  

  • Contract renewal discussions with Ex Libris are ongoing. We expect to wrap those up before the end of June and will keep folks in the loop as things progress.

  • COLD will be discussing the Rapido proposal and the Discovery Committee’s recommendation on Primo VE at their June meeting. We expect that a final decision on both products will be made at or immediately after this meeting and will be communicated to all of the libraries.


  • Working Group

    • The group is working on wrapping up projects for the end of the academic year

Resource Management

  • Working Group

    • Members of the Resource Management Committee who are part of the Norm Rules Task Force have participated in the Norm Rules discussions and efforts as configuration and testing of Primo VE has continued.

    • 2021 Customer Service Survey: Resource Management folk are building statements and use case information for RM’s participation in the conversations with Ex Libris.

    • Prepared a Draft Policy on MARC Fields Excluded from use by CSU Libraries. The Primo VE effort brought out the need to identify and isolate MARC fields that are unused in NZ and IZs, to ensure that future tests/configuration can occur safely. This is intended as a dynamic document, with fields removed as they are released for specific uses.

    • Preparing for the end of the fiscal year:

      • approaching changes in Chair/Vice-Chair

      • articulating a statement of Task Force activities during 2020-2021


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Continued update of the NZ licenses for shared e-collections. 

      • List of updated licenses is sent out in the ERM & CDI weekly update.

    • Testing moving IZ POLs for NZ e-collections when there is a change to the e-collection.  The e-collections are replaced by a new e-collection and the POL needs to be migrated to this new e-collection or the POL cannot be closed.

  • Working Group

    • we discussed our upcoming meeting with Ex Libris on our Top Three Issues from the Satisfaction Survey 

    • We also had a round robin discussion about how different libraries handle standing orders in ALMA, and how to manage those encumbrances


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Continued updates to CDI group settings in the NZ.

      • Set up NZ access for CDI users for each library.

      • Libraries can make changes to their library’s CDI group setting in the NZ.

    • Continued update of CDI documentation on the wiki

  • Working Group

    • Review CZ updates Button in Alma

Alma Collection with portfolios>Click on the three-dot menu (…)>Edit Service>upper right-hand corner

Issue #1 - Changes to records and CDI are taking too long to show up in OneSearch

  • Metadata Corrections
    At the Ex Libris level, CDI re-indexes twice a week.
    When you submit a trouble ticket for a single record metadata correction, it will take 3-7 days AFTER Ex Libris notifies you that the record has been updated for the change to be reflected in Primo.

  • CDI rights processing (changes to CDI settings in the NZ or the IZ)

    • The average time to see changes reflected in OneSearch is 70 hours.  If you log into the Ex Libris system status page with your salesforce login, you can subscribe to the status page for CDI and be notified when the process is taking longer than 70 hours. System Status - System Status Page
      Ex Libris is working to bring the average time down to 48 hours by the end of the year.

  • Linking Syntax issue

    • Once Ex Libris fixes the collection level linking syntax (link resolver type collections) and updates the linking parser - the parser is maintained at the global level and is a part of the global alma release - so it is updated in the weekly CBK update on Sundays.

  • CDI Inheritance Activation Workflows

    • Inheriting from the Network Zone CDI - no one should have inherited from Primo Central.

    • CDI inheritance is all or nothing - but institutions can deviate by editing the NZ settings (as far as I can tell).
      *****If you don't inherit CDI settings from the NZ, but you link to the NZ collection, what happens????? Ex Libris is checking on this
      If you activate a full-text collection in the NZ, it's active for all members unless otherwise noted.

    • CDI inheritance is only for people who were inheriting from Primo Central.

    • You can override inheritance settings in the NZ or activate the collection in the IZ to have different settings.

    • Inheritance is relevant for activation for search, for subscribe to only some titles, and do not show even if active in Alma.

    • If an institution inherits CDI activation for a collection from the NZ, but then activates the same collection in the IZ, it will override the NZ settings. If you want Network coordination, link to the collection, don't activate it locally.

Issue #2 Metadata errors CDI and CZ -want to be able to fix metadata errors ourselves

  • Fixing Alma Community Zone Records

    • Single record Alma metadata edits are possible in the CZ Community Zone through the "contribution process" Community Zone Contribution Guidelines
      no local fields allowed

    • Once it is changed in the CZ, it will update in Alma when the CZ pipe next updates (dependant on local scheduling) and in local Primo when it next updates (which should be twice a day?).  Expect the update within a day.

  • CDI Metadata updates

    • no individual ability to update CDI metadata records

  • Ex Libris is investigating methods for title checks and linking improvements which may assit in resolving the above - getting member editing rights is more complicated legally due to vendor data licensing agreements.

Issue 3 - Community Zone Updates and records are causing extra work for ERM and Cataloging Staff

  • It takes 6-10 days to make a correction for e-collections and have it be released in the next weekly update.  So in our example, they broke Safari in one weekly release and the fix would be released in 6-10 days.  I believe it was a little longer than 10 days for Safari but normally if something breaks, that is how long it takes to fix it.

  • No traction on the issue that they break things and we have to do extra work to deal with the fallout

Resource Sharing

  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Set up monthly meetings with Unity and CSU staff. 

    • Met with Ex Libris about Alma issues.

    • Coordinated Task Force for a partnership with SUNY libraries and CSU+.

      • Configured volunteer libraries partners and rotas for SUNY partnership.

    • Aided in configuration and testing of Primo VE resource sharing services. 

  • Working Group

    • Worked with the FFC to draft revised quarantine guidelines and recommendation for CSU+ due dates. 

    • Met with ExLibris about our Alma issues. An enhancement was recently accepted that would resolve our #1 issue since the inception of CSU+ which is the inability of ILLiad due dates to transfer over into Alma via the NCIP integration. ExLibris hopes the enhancement will be in place by early next year. ExLibris also proposed a solution to our longstanding CalState Walk-in issue, whereby Cal State Walk-in users were unable to submit CSU+ requests. Additionally, a solution was proposed for our “convert to resource sharing” issue. The RSFC will test and confirm that both solutions are effective with the goal of having both solutions in place by fall semester. 

    • Had first meeting with Unity Courier. Discussed options for adding additional UC campuses to the CSUs courier route. Will meet with Unity courier monthly to discuss issues and ensure things are going smoothly.


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Developed survey for Re-opening Open Forum topics.

    • Coordinated work between FFC and RSFC.

    • Updated FFC on CSU+ developments and projects. 

  • Working Group

    • Met with the RSFC to develop recommendations for CSU+ due dates and Quarantine guidelines.

    • Began planning a joint Summer Re-opening Open Forum with the RSFC.

    • Started the committee transition.


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • The Chancellor’s Office has begun working with campuses who want help with Primo VE.  For those campuses, we’ll be configuring their Primo VE instance to match (as much as possible) Primo BO, and will also be meeting with those campuses to go over any questions or concerns they have.

  • Working Group

    • The Discovery Functional Committee would like to thank each and every Primo admin for participating in the Go VE Self-Switch process and evaluation!

    • Testing concluded at the end of April and the cmte. has analyzed all the quantitative data as well as individual comments submitted via the testing forms and via email. The ULMS Steering Committee has tasked the DFC with making recommendations about whether to adopt VE and the potential timing of that move. Discovery’s recommendation will be sent to the Steering Committee on May 21st, and later to COLD for the final decision by their June 17th meeting.