June 2021 ULMS Update

Project Management

  • COLD voted to accept the recommendation from the Discovery Committee to implement Primo VE this summer. Libraries can choose which date to go live on VE in July. Campuses may continue to work on VE before go-live as there is no “freeze” with a VE implementation.

  • COLD also voted to negotiate with Ex Libris’ on their Rapido proposal. Rapido is Ex Libris’ next-gen resource sharing product, and the CSU has been a Rapido development partner since 2019. Implementation of Rapido will begin in Spring 2022. More information about Rapido may be found on Ex Libris’ website or on Confluence.

  • ULMS committee nominations have been finalized and all new members have been informed. The switchover will take place after June 30 after the current committees will be dismissed. 

  • The Ex Libris contract negotiation continues but is on pace to conclude over the next week or two. 


  • Working Group

    • No further news to report.

Resource Management

  • Working Group

    • RM committee discussed the report and recommendation on Primo VE

    • 2021 Customer Service Survey : Key Issues Finalized and submitted to Brandon for his help in next steps

    • Preparing for end of fiscal year transitions:

      • Changes in Chair/Vice Chair/Committee members

      • Meeting held with Brandon, Mark (exiting Chair), and Lia (incoming Chair)

      • Tasks ahead:

        • Complete load of documents to Confluence

        • Compile Report of 2020-2021 RM activities/accomplishments


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Update NZ Licenses with latest renewals from SDLC

    • Prepping licenses for the latest coded memos sent out

    • Posting title removal lists for ebooks on appropriate NZ licenses

  • Working Group

    • Presented at the TS meeting on Standing Orders and Encumbrances


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Set up new JSTOR EBA e-collection for ECC EBA program

    • Added 20+ new OA e-collections to the NZ

    • Continued configuration of CDI in the NZ

      • Libraries have access to configure their library’s CDI settings in the NZ

    • Discussed upcoming projects for the new members of the working group at the last ERM committee meeting.

  • Working Group

    • Nothing to report.

Resource Sharing

  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Met with Unity to discuss new UC route options

    • Added statistics reports to the RSFC wiki

    • Work with FFC and RSFC to plan reOpen Forum. 

    • Collect information on potential topics for the reOpen Forum. 

  • Working Group

    • Tested the CalState Walk-in solution provided by ExLibris. It works as expected and we would like to implement it at all campuses.

    • Met with the FFC to begin planning for a ReOpen forum which will be held on July 7th.  Will cover topics relevant to reopening this fall.

    • We are working on establishing system wide resource sharing reciprocal agreements with the UC libraries. This project will carry over into the next committee cycle.

    • We are finalizing a committee charge that lists out the responsibilities of the RSFC. The final draft will be posted to the wiki and can be revised by future committees.


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • Submit Ex Libris enhancement topics for discussion with Ex Libris developers. 

    • Work with FFC and RSFC to plan reOpen Forum. 

    • Collect information on potential topics for the reOpen Forum. 

  • Working Group

    • Began transitioning to the new chair, Kelly Ann Sam. The new committee will work on helping libraries move back to in-person and hybrid services.

    • We’re working closely with the RSFC to plan the reOpen Forum in July, and update services spreadsheets, configurations, and guidelines.

    • Started the process to work with ExLibris on our top 3 survey issues – requesting configuration and functionality, Alma searching issues, and temporary location issues.


  • Chancellor’s Office

    • The Chancellor’s Office continues to work with campuses on their Primo VE instances, including search and display configurations, GES, and normalization rules for harvested content from digital repositories.

  • Working Group

    • Group recommendation to adopt VE was accepted by COLD at their June meeting. The discovery community will prepare to go live on VE in July. 

    • The committee will be available to assist campuses with issues surfacing during their VE preparation and initial production stages.