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Once approved by COLD, the system wide CSU+ policies help our libraries maintain a consistent level of customer service, cooperation between colleagues, and protection for our library collections. 

New Policy Creation or Policy Revision Process

  1. Need for policy identified
  2. Resource Sharing functional committee discusses, drafts policy and posts to ULMS website
    Include the following information in the review document, where applicable:
    1. current policy text
    2. proposed new policy text
    3. last revision date
    4. status (in process, approved, etc.)
  3. Link to proposed policy text sent to I-SPIE list and ULMS access list for review
    1. Turnaround time for feedback review: minimum 1 week. More where appropriate.
  4. Feedback compiled
  5. Discuss policy feedback from lists in open meeting
  6. Resource Sharing functional committee drafts second version of policy
    1. based on open meeting discussion and written feedback
    2. second draft posted to ULMS website with indication of changes made
  7. Policy sent to ULMS Coordinating Committee for review and approval
    1. if needed comes back to RS functional committee for review
  8. Approved policy sent to COLD for approval
  9. Notice sent to ULMS-access and I-SPIE lists after vote to indicate adoption or veto

*This process is subject to change depending on the workload of the ULMSCC and COLD.

Current Policies

Loan Periods

How long materials can be checked out through CSU+.


Policy regarding CSU+ materials renewal. 

Media Lending

Policy on if media items can be loaned through CSU+. 

Overdue fines

Policy on if fines are collected on CSU+ materials. 

Loan Sequence

The order of priority between services. 

Competing Needs

Which patron type receives priority for local materials. 

Reimbursement for lost books

Policy on the exchange of money between libraries. 

Replacement FeeBilling policy for lost CSU+ materials. 
Holds and Recalls

Policy on placing checked out materials on hold or recalling a checked out CSU+ item. 

Course Reserves

Policy on placing CSU+ items on Course Reserves.

Visiting Patron

Policy on providing service to patrons from another CSU library. 

Fulfillment response/turnaround time

The policy on how quickly staff should deliver or cancel requests. 


Past Policies (for reference only)