Shared Vendor Records in the NZ--DRAFT

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Area coveredAcquisitions, Electronic Resources
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Moon Kim (Unlicensed), Del Williams

Co-authorsCarole Correa-Morris (Unlicensed), Tyler Rogers, Kim Valenzuela (Unlicensed), Wendy Vermeer (Unlicensed)
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Ex Libris' documentation on Sharing Vendor Information in a Network Zone.

There are a number of vendors common to all of the CSU libraries. “Global information about vendors, such as the vendor's name, code, and address, can be shared between member institutions in a Network Zone. This alleviates the need for each member institution to add this basic information.” The CSU vision encompasses more consortial activities creating and maintaining a shared vendor file in the NZ encourages and enables shared acquisitions.

Some of the questions needing to be addressed:

  • Would this require one central staff member somewhere to add and maintain vendor records? Or would we want to identify a select group of personnel who have the authority to update vendor records?
  • We think there are many vendors we all share, but would we want to identify a select group?  If so, how?
  • One or more campuses could "share" their vendor records with the NZ once we determine if we are limiting the list to be shared.
  • What would the shared fields be in this shared vendor record, and what would remain local only?  (need to see in more detail how sharing vendors would function)
  • How do we view shared vendors in the NZ?  Is specific configuration or authorization required? (Tyler attempted to share San Diego's SDLC vendor record but so far, I can't see it anywhere in SJSU's instance.)
  • For the resources we purchase from the Chancellor's Office we would probably like to keep the contact information for the access providers available in the system.  So for example, even though we might pay the Chancellor's Office for "Annual Reviews Online" it would be very helpful if we could keep contact information for Annual Reviews in our system so we could claim access if we ever need to.
  • How will the local fields work?
  • How do the records merge, overlay, etc work from IZ to NZ and vice versa?
  • The Acq TF will draft a recommendation that Shared Vendors be explored and encouraged if functionally workable.

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