ULMS Acquisitions Policies & Procedures - DRAFTS

Policy/Procedure in DevelopmentSummaryCurrent Status
Ordering Using the Alma Network ZonePolicy: To help CSU libraries make collection development and acquisitions decisions based on the most current and accurate data in a shared environment, we recommend using NZ records for ordering materials that will ultimately be shared in the NZ.


In-Process Brief Bibliographic Records & Minimum Acquisitions Data

Policy: Standardization using brief records for ordering new materials using the Network Zone and the minimum data elements to be included in records to foster collaborative technical service, cooperative collection development and avoid duplication


Alma Brief Record Level Configuration

Policy: This Alma functionality making multiple levels of brief bib records was recently released and may be problematic; recommendations should be made regarding NZ implications (joint policy with Cataloging Task Force)


Using Import Profiles to Load Vendor Brief Bib & Order Records into NZ

Policy and/or Procedure?: One way to add records to the NZ is using brief or full records from a vendor. This document discusses how to use brief/full records from YBP and minimize errors when adding new NZ records.

In progress
Shared Vendor Records in the NZ--DRAFTUpdate: Not currently a possibility to effectively share vendors in the NZ; will revisit options in the future.