Goal: To find solutions for placing materials on reserves both electronically and physically using ALMA, and to make sure the work displayed in PRIMO is useful and recognizable to both Patron and Library Personnel.

Contact: Email to Cathe (Access Services Coordinator at Cal Poly SLO) at colson05@calpoly.edu with any questions, concerns, issues you want looked into, or insights into reserve processes.


Overall Status In Progress

 Items Addressed (see separate pages for details): 

  • Lag time publishing new course reserves from Alma to Primo 

  • E-reserves 

  • Difficulty of determining checkout periods in Alma Reading Lists and Primo 

  • Course reserve waitlists/holds 

  • Migrating library materials on reserve to come over with temporary AND permanent locations. (Script written by Sarina. Need campuses to test. Possibly CPSLO and Northridge) 

  • Automated feed of courses from LMS to Alma. There is a systems task force working on this. 

  • Course Reserves Recommended Workflow, including library materials, instructor copies, materials on reserve for multiple courses, permanent reserves, etc. COMPLETE 3/15/16
  • Personal Copies–issues and solutions. See details for configuration and workflows in separate document. COMPLETE 3/6/17
  • Taking items off reserve at end of term: Brief items created in the reading list do NOT get triggered to come off of reserve at the course end date since they are not in a temporary move status like library items. Workaround is to create a permanent/inactive location where they can reside when not on course reserve and then do a temporary move into the course reserve location. Details are in Personal Copies Issues and Solutions and End of Course Workflow Pages. COMPLETE 3/6/17
  • How to place recalls when items needed for course reserves are checked out. This needs to be done with a work order. Instrucctors are in separate document. COMPLETE
  • Overdue Course Reserves Report (used to check shelf to make sure we didn't miss checking any in). Not available through Alma Analytics YET though it is on their roadmap. Solution: Came up with instructions to create a course reserves checked out and due up to the prior day. COMPLETE 3/6/17
  • Overnight loans due ONE HOUR after opening: Solution: In Alma, items can only be due at opening or closing or at a relative time period from checkout—so to set up items to be due one hour AFTER opening, you configure the item to be due at next opening time and “fudge” the opening time in the configuration to one hour later than you actual open. This will not affect items checked out that morning.   COMPLETE
  • Reactivating a course/reading list workflow tested and documented. COMPLETE 3/6/17
  • Primo display Issues:
    • –Both suppressed and unsuppressed brief item records created through the reading list for instructor personal items show up in Primo Searches (both in course reserves and in library searches). For some reason when you check the suppress from discovery box in the "create brief item" screen, it doesn't flag the item to not be published.
    • Discovery group needed to add normalization rules to make course restricted work. It should be in place now. materials. 
    • SEARCHABLE IDs on Course NOT SHOWING UP in Primo. This has been reported to Discovery Group 3/6/17. They need to put in the normalization rules. IN PROGRESS
  • Analytics Issues:
    • No course overdue report. This is on roadmap. See Overdue Report Workaround.
    • Only 3 searchable IDs are available in Analytics, however you can enter up  to 10 in Alma.
    • Create list of titles to come off reserve at end of term in Course Code order. This is possible, however it is only at the bib level, not item level so no barcodes or multiple copy info. See End of Term/Course Workflow.
  • Item History with previous course information. Right now you can see that an item was previously in a reserve location but not the course it was on reserve for. ExLibris is investigating whether it is possible to get that information.
  • End of Course/Term Workflow. Posted 3/20/17
  • Note when recalling item–where does it show up when items is returned?
  • Usage reports–are there out of the box reports or do we need to create them?
  • Finding previous reserve activity of items: The history tab of item shows if item was previously on reserve (location) but doesn't show the course info.There doesn't seem to be a way to see what courses an item has previously been on reserve for–but you can keep them in the reading list of an inactive course.
  • Migration Plan for entering course reserves from scratch (and how to check to make sure they are entered accurately). 

Items not addressed, but could be pursued if there is interest: 

  • Fees: Since CSUs do not share course reserves, we did not think we needed to pursue uniform fees. 

  • Booking course reserve materials: We did not see the usefulness of this feature, as it could tie up a course reserve item with no guarantee that the “booker” would show up for the item. 

  • Instructor-entered reading lists. 

Project Team


Project Lead/CoordinatorCathe Olson - SLO
Team Members

Guadalupe Esquivel - San Bernardino

Bill Folden - Humboldt

Ross Kendall - Northridge

Adrian Montano - San Diego

Cathe Olson - SLO

Dan Palodichuk - Los Angeles

Emmanuel Salazar - San Bernardino

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