Resource Sharing Governance Task Force

Overall Status



GoalActionDue Date

Policies for Resource Sharing 

 Submit to Cold
All CSU's configured for resource sharing testing

Currently being tested.

Schedule resource sharing testing sessions and send out necessary documentation

Testing sessions are being held and documentation is being prepared. 

Tentative Schedule has been created.

Training and testing script is being developed

Schedule visiting patron testingAn open forum meeting will be held sometime after resource training sessions.  Discuss at future meetings5/15/2017
Make recommendations for customizing the request form

J. Kowlewski-Ward is working with San Jose team on this project.


Install and test ILLiad NCIP

Discuss at future meetings. Work with Systems Group.

C. Lee, J. Kowlewski-Ward & D. Ricciardi are working on the set up of ILLiad NCIP at their libraries.

Make recommendations for shipping paperwork (book straps, stickers, etc.)

Templates have been developed.


 ROTA issues and orderA single ROTA in random order will be used initially.


 Necessary workflow documentationDiscuss at future meetings. 5/30/17
 Long term governance of resource sharing Discuss at future meetings 5/30/17
 Go Live Date A potential Go Live date of 7/10/17 was discussed.  Will work on formalizing recommendation of this date to send to COLD 3/31/17

Project Team

Project Lead/Coordinator

Dawnelle Ricciardi (Sonoma) (Co-Chair)

Stacy Caron (Fullerton) (Co-Chair)

Team Members

Lina Carro (Humboldt)

Julie Kowalewski-Ward (San Jose) liaison to Access

Gretchen Higginbottom (Fresno)

Christopher Lee (San Luis Obispo) 

Jesica Brubaker (San Diego)

Karen Schneider, Dean of Sonoma State, COLD Liaison

Why are we doing this?

During the COLD Meeting at SFSU in April of 2016, COLD approved 7 Resource Sharing Recommendations proposed by CRSP (Committee on Resource Sharing and Preservation). One of these recommendations was to "establish a governance unit within COLD to advise the Chancellor's Office on resource-sharing practices, policies, and procedures, and serve as a voice for the CSU libraries on issues related to resource sharing.

In July of 2016, CRSP proposed an initial charge and membership list for the task force, which was approved by COLD on July 15, 2016.


The Governance Task force will recommend a system of governance for sharing materials and supplying services, and for standardizing and formalizing policies, procedures, and service levels, and mechanisms for recommending changes to shared policies, to enable CSU libraries to operate as a system while supporting and representing individua members.

Status Reports



CSU+ Recorded Testing Sessions 

Open Forum Meetings

  • 2/21/2017  (Advance to the 6:30 minute point for the start of the meeting)

GTF Meeting Minutes

Recorded Meetings with Ex Libris 

See Resource Sharing meeting recordings

Recorded Resource Sharing Testing Sessions