Locker Task Force Meeting notes 10/15/2020


Kim Wobick (CSU San Bernardino) 
Kevin Phillips (CSU Fullerton) 
Christina Hennessey (CSU Northridge) 
Holly Hampton (CSU San Marcos)
Jamie Lamberti (San Francisco State University) 
Kelly Ann Sam (CSU San Marcos) 
Teresa Roudenbush (CSU San Marcos) 
Chris Lee (Chancellor’s Office)
Natalya Magazino (CSU San Marcos)


  1. VPAT 

    1. (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template:

    2. Required by CSUs

    3. Kevin: campus signed off, then discovered the VPAT wasn’t turned in. Everything ended up ok.

    4. Kim: VPAT filled out by vendor

    5. To be added: Information on general accessibility requirements for lockers, 

      1. Locker height, sound indicators

      2. Kim can look over the GSA criteria to make a generic list of requirements

      3. Chris: Necessary to ask vendor if we wanted to share the filled out form on the Wiki. We should be able to share it internally since we’re the same system

  2. The organization of the LTF Wiki page (thanks to Jamie for beginning the initial set up)


    2. Potential categories: Alma Documentation; Staff Workflow Documentation (examples); Safety/Accessibility Considerations; Photos (Media); Survey Results, Video

    3. Post videos as well--Long Beach, all of the lockers open up; San Marcos

    4. Jamie-Google Survey can be changed to add videos as well (media)

  3. Survey results

    1. Survey is closed (as of Monday), only 11 respondents, all data in excel right now

    2. 8 for 4 yrs; 3 from public 

    3. Majority 2 banks of lockers, mid-sized institutions, most single locations; inside library; a relatively new service for respondents

    4. Teresa also has Larry’s raw data, will check with him if it’s ok to add to Teresa’s survey

  4. Open Forum planning

    1. What LuxerOne's participation should be

    2. Possible dates: two weeks to plan to attend is good

    3. November 6 (10:00-11:30)

      1. Kevin: Locker Library in ALMA, hold notice

      2. Natalya: CSU+ to Locker, ILLiad to locker

      3. Kim: Manual lockers

      4. Teri: Survey results

      5. Jamie: Wiki 

      6. Holly?:LuxerOne integration 

Next meeting at 3pm on Thursday (within next 2 weeks

Update on 9/9/20 Next Steps/Action Items: 

  • Jamie and Kim meet to talk about uploading documentation to Confluence (Done)

  • Jamie to investigate if there is a CFA video surveillance clause (like CSUEU)

    • Searched CFAs site, nothing there. Contacted local CFA steward, waiting for reply

  • Kim will contact Larry at Pomona about locker information he collected from the CSUs (Done)

    • Treat as “additional feedback received” in the bigger survey. Can be added as data points.

  • Feedback to Teri about survey, so she can send it out. We’re all added as Collaborators. (Sept 15, 2020 end of day)

    • Slack Lockers group--Joanna did a poll there as well about locker brands. Teri will get that data to add to our list.

    • Potentially being sent out on 9/17

  • Kim to send out email with list of documentation that we have in total.

    • Encourage contributions

  • Meet next week, Kim send out Doodle Poll (Done)

  • Teri will send the Contactless Library Locker Pickup Form to the LibCirc listserv

New business:

  • Anything missing?

    • Added a category

    • Should be on Confluence under Fulfillment

    • Can link out to images on the Google Drive

  • Teri’s survey

    • Will be posted today

  • Etc.

    • Partnerships: 

      • 3D Printing/Innovation Lab: Getting dimensions to see what size 3D prints could be delivered via the lockers

      • Media: Depending on size, circulating equipment in the lockers

      • IT

    • Satellite Campus

Next Steps/Action Items:

  • Put documentation on Confluence

    • FFC is going to reorganize our part of the Wiki, don’t post until after that.

    • Will have an initial deadline, then a secondary deadline to get more responses.

  • Send out communication to CSUs about new documentation

    • Send out info to Lockers channel, listservs, out in the next few weeks. If they need any info before it goes live, let one of us know.

    • Kim will send out communication by Monday

There will be other things that we think of along the way

SM: putting patrons in as they make requests (vs. full patron load at once)

Photos: get permission from the people that took the photos before we post. Jamie will look into a generic photo release form.

Keep photos in their own folder on the drive

Create a Google Form as a photo release

Next meeting: set up during week of September 28