ULMS Discovery

ULMS Discovery Committee


The Discovery Functional Committee, in collaboration with COLD subcommittees and CSU Library's communities of practice, monitors and updates workflows and system configurations, conducts meetings and training workshops, and recommends policies and solutions related to discovery practices within the ULMS.

Latest News/updates

2023-24 Priorities

  • Data Issues (duplicate records)

  • OneSearch Mobile Experience


July 2023-June 2024

  • Keven Jeffery, San Diego (Chair; member 22-24) 

  • Ken Herold, Los Angeles (Vice-Chair; member 22-25) 

  • Julie Shen, Pomona (member, 23-25) 

  • Hannah Lee, Dominguez Hills (member, 23-25) 

  • Kristi Chavez, Bakersfield (member, 23-25) 

  • Chris Novak, San Francisco (member, 22-24) 

  • David Walker - Chancellor Office (ex officio

Past Committee Members


Task Force

  • Analytics Joint Task Force

  • Create training videos

  • Hold training sessions

  • Create canned reports for the CSU

  • Create visual representations of data using Tableau

  • Investigate how UI impacts resource usage

  • Uresolver Task Force

  • Investigate potential areas of improvement for uresolver menu and resource sharing links.

  • User Experience and Development Task Force

  • Investigate potential areas of improvement for the ULMS discovery user experience. 

  • Propose improvements to the ULMS discovery user experience.

  • Work with campus developers to create system enhancements and integration that implement improvements to the ULMS discovery user experience

Past task forces

Documentation and How-To

Primo VE Customization


Primo VE How-To Documents

Ex Libris Documentation and Training