Task force overview

In the Primo Back Office, the task force creates and edits normalization rules that transform Marc data from bibliographic records into Primo Normalized XML (PNX). These norm rules are used to determine how Marc data displays in Primo and is indexed for search.

We discuss the norm rules proposed by CSU libraries and how to implement them.

The following document (currently in draft form) provides an overview and orientation of the task force's work.

link to google doc (more current than the pdf)

Orientation training, Session 1, 2018/10/15, (Zoom video, 1hr)

alternative link (youtube)

Orientation training, Session 2, 2018/10/24, (Zoom video, 40 min)

alternative link (youtube)

Long-term projects:

analysis and review of Marc fields and subfields that display in Primo and/or are indexed for search in Primo. (This is a work in progress without any final decisions having been made.)


explore enrichment of headings from Alma to Primo

Publishing headings enrichment to Primo

Other implementation considerations

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