Fulfillment Reopen Checklist

This checklist will be updated with new configurations and recommendations as needed.

Alma Configurations

Update the Alma Calendar your institution /  library (See Alma Calendar Management)
Turn on notices, adjust wording where necessary (See ULMS Alma Letters Central Repository)
Turn on lost & paid profiles / job
Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles (See Alma Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles)
Loan - Overdue and Lost Loan Job (See Configuring Fulfillment Jobs)
Recommend leniency for CSU+ returns
Turn on requesting in Alma / Primo (See RSFC/FFC Re-Open Forum Part 1 recording)
Adjust request terms of use in each Fulfillment Unit
Have you changed collections/locations available for requesting?
Is requesting allowed by the same user groups?
Are you providing the same delivery options?
Update Hold Request form & Labels, if changed
Define / adjust Time to Reshelve, if previously changed for quarantining (See ULMS Define Time to Reshelve)

Workflow Recommendations

Develop procedures for restaffing and reopening (See FFC Recommendations)
Develop procedures for courtesy returns (See Returning Books to the CSU Libraries)