Returning Books to the CSU Libraries (Courtesy Returns)

Here are the basics about returning library books to other CSU libraries.


  • The intent of advertising courtesy returns is to give students who live closer to a CSU other than their home campus the ability to return their materials.

  • This is not meant to place an additional burden on staff and libraries so these items do not require special treatment or expedited processing.

  • You are not expected to check-in items returned to you from another library, just to send them back to the owning library via the CSU courier for them to check in locally. The courier has resumed service to certain campuses. Please refer to this spreadsheet to see which campuses are able to receive items.

Best practices and procedures for handling courtesy returns:

  • Route all non-local campus returns to the appropriate department to be returned to the home campus via the Unity courier.

  • Continue your campus practice for checking in locally loaned CSU+ and ILL items before routing to the appropriate department. 

  • Handling of non-CSU items:

    • If you receive ILL materials where you are not the lender and another CSU is listed as the borrower on the strap/sticker, send the item back to the borrowing library  via Unity so they can process the return and send back to the owning library.

    • If you receive a non-CSU item without a strap/sticker that was not loaned out from your library, send an email out to the ULMS Access and ILL listservs with the subject line, “Return of non-CSU item without a strap/sticker” and include the title of item and owning library. You may then send the item back to the owning library.

  • Courier Bags:

    • Quarantine incoming bags per the RSFC Quarantine Guidelines.

    • You will likely be short on courier bags. There is no urgency in returning these materials. You may wait until you have bags available.

    • Boxes and bins may also be used to send materials via the courier.

  • Courtesy returns do not need to be tracked. If patrons have questions about the status of their return, they should contact their home campus and not the CSU where they returned the material.

  • Contact the FFC our RSFC if you have questions.


How do I return my CSU library books?

You can return your books to any CSU campus library regardless of where you initially checked them out. The CSU libraries have a cooperative agreement ensuring that books will be sent to the appropriate location.

What if I cannot make it to any CSU campus to return my books?

Please contact the circulation department at your home campus if you are unable to bring your books to any CSU library.

What if I checked out a laptop or some other kind of technology?

Laptops and technology will have to be returned directly to the owning campus. Please contact your home library if you have questions.

How do I find the closest CSU Library or contact my home library?

Maps and contact information for all 23 CSU Libraries are available here: