COLD Scholarly Communications Committee

Current Members (2021- )


Patrick NewellChicoChair2021-2022

Vice Chair/Chair Elect2021-2022
Melissa SeelyeSan FranciscoSRDC Liaison2021-2022
Heather CribbsChannel IslandsSTIM Liaison2021-2022

David Drexler

FresnoCSU Library Personnel2021-2022

Jayati Chauduri

Los AngelesCSU Library Personnel2021-2023
Matt MartinSan FranciscoCSU Library Personnel2020-2022

Jaime Ding

San Luis ObispoCSU Library Personnel


Anthony Davis

FullertonCSU Library Personnel2020-2022

Rita Premo 


CSU Library Personnel


Daisy Muralles

East Bay

CSU Library Personnel

Mark StoverNorthridgeLiaison to COLD and Digital Repositories Committee2021-2022
David WalkerSystemwide Library InitiativesEx Officioongoing


In support of faculty and students’ unfettered access to research and course materials, and the economic and social justice inherent in that access, the CSU Libraries work collaboratively to 1) educate our communities about current issues and challenges in scholarly communications, and 2) create shared infrastructure for hosting and promoting open information resources.

Strategic Goals to be Addressed

  • Support publishing models that prioritize flexibility and open access;
  • Educate faculty on their rights as authors and open access publishing options;
  • Collaborate to develop a unified platform (ScholarWorks) to preserve the scholarly, creative, and unique collections produced by the CSU community;
  • Develop training for CSU librarians around ScholarWorks and materials to promote ScholarWorks to campus constituents;
  • Promote the use of open scholarly communication systems and applications, when feasible
  • Provide guidance and support for research data management and open data standards;
  • Ensure development of a library workforce with the skills to effectively and authoritatively engage in current and emerging scholarly communication conversations; and
  • Advocate for shared systems and platforms that offer efficiencies and improved research infrastructure (examples may include VIVO/Esploro, ORCID, and other tools in support of Scholarly Communication).

Committee Scope

  • The Scholarly Communication committee develops education and advocacy materials for the CSU Libraries (including developing and maintaining a CSU Libraries repository for the historical and working documents of COLD and its subcommittees)
  • Keeps abreast of developments on scholarly communication topics (e.g. libraries as publisher, etc.) and policy
  • Works with STIM and SRDC to establish guidelines for scholarly communication systems and services (e.g. ScholarWorks, ORCID, VIVO, etc.)
  • Recommend programs and policies to engage disciplinary faculty with scholarly communication issues
  • Develop and deliver training to CSU Library faculty and staff on scholarly communication issues (e.g., faculty author rights, copyright, scholarly communication processes, etc.)
  • Work with the Digital Repositories Committee to disseminate materials and information to campuses
  • Develop and design CSU-branded messaging and educational materials


  • Two library deans/directors appointed by COLD who serve as chair and vice chair/chair-elect.
  • Systemwide Library Initiatives, ex officio (David Walker)
  • One member of the STIM Committee (liaison; nominated by STIM Chair)
  • One member of the SRDC Committee (liaison; nominated by ScholComm Chair)
  • 8 members from library personnel across the CSU  (alternating terms)

Members other than the Systemwide Library Initiatives liaison will serve a term of two years.  Terms shall be staggered terms of two years so that subsequent committees will have four incoming members each year. Members may be reappointed to not more than three (3) consecutive terms, and may serve again after a hiatus in service.