Council of Library DeansPublishing Interest Group

Publishing Interest Group

Statement of Purpose

The Publishing Interest Group endeavors to increase the capacity of the CSU Libraries to support open access publishing initiatives by developing shared knowledge, documentation, best practices, and outreach materials. 

Reporting Structure

The Publishing Interest Group reports to the COLD Scholarly Communications Committee, which is committed to the systemwide advancement of openness in the realm of scholarly communications. As stated in the CSU Libraries Strategic Plan for 2018-2021

In support of open access and the economic justice inherent in supporting faculty and students’ unfettered access to research and course materials, the CSU Libraries work collaboratively to redefine existing models of scholarly communication, create shared infrastructure for hosting open information, and educate our communities about these and related issues.

Scope of Work

The Publishing Interest Group takes a broad view of scholarly publishing, encompassing not just traditional publications such as journals, books, and conference proceedings, but also online exhibitions, digital creative works, digital humanities projects, data visualizations, and other forms of digital scholarship. Whenever possible, the Publishing Interest Group prioritizes open source systems and open practices at all stages of the publishing cycle.

In addition to contributing to the Publishing Interest Group’s annual goals, group members are committed to advancing the following priorities on their respective campuses:

  • Advocating and advancing equity in scholarly publishing;
  • Launching and maintaining open access journals and flipping existing subscription/print-only journals to an open access model;
  • Sharing digital publishing documentation (e.g, the CSU Open Journals Publishing Guide) for campus education around supported platforms (e.g., CSU Open Journals and ScholarWorks) and ensuring documentation is kept up-to-date;
  • Supporting the creation of course or co-curricular online exhibits; and 
  • Increasing awareness of open access publishing amongst library faculty and staff as well as instructional faculty, students, and other stakeholders.

Annual Goals

The shared priorities of the CSU Libraries around open access publishing will continue to evolve, and the Publishing Interest Group will endeavor to develop annual goals that are responsive to the needs of our campus communities. 


  • Public Facing/User Oriented Publishing (Documentation) Website, linked to the COLD website 
  • CSU Environmental Scan: Digital Scholarship Centers - Jaime Ding, Matt Martin, Kyle Morgan 
  • Open Access Infrastructure 
    • Continuation of developing shared knowledge, documentation, best practices, and outreach materials.
  • Sustainability of the LibGuides Open Review Discussion Sessions (LORDS) - Jaime Ding, Alyssa Loera, Dana Ospina, Melissa Seelye


  • Update the Publishing Interest Group charter - Melissa Seelye
  • Increase Capacity for CSU-wide journal publishing
    • Continue adding to and refining the CSU Open Journals Publishing Guide - Melissa Seelye, Dana Ospina, Matt Martin
    • Begin developing author documentation, specifically aimed at students - Melissa Seelye, Dana Ospina, Kyle Morgan, Matt Martin, Pam Kruger
    • Investigate additional means of supporting faculty journals through partnerships with vendors - Melissa Seelye, Mark Bilby, Matt Martin
    • Present a formal status update on the state of CSU-wide publishing infrastructure to the COLD Scholarly Communications Committee - Melissa Seelye
  • Prototype LibGuides Open Review Discussion Sessions (LORDS) - Jaime Ding, Alyssa Loera, Dana Ospina, Melissa Seelye
    • Assess interest in and facilitate preliminary discussions regarding LORDS at campuses that will participate in prototype sessions
    • Coordinate prototype LORDS at participating campuses
    • Create a CSU-wide rubric and coordinate multi-campus prototype sessions
    • Assess feasibility of a CSU-wide review system for LibGuides and, if feasible, present a proposal to the COLD Scholarly Communications Committee
  • Compile and share CSU-specific information such as relevant legislation (e.g., A.B. 2192), CSU resolutions, ScholarWorks, and CSU transformative read and publish agreements - Melissa Seelye, Dana Ospina, Jaime Ding, Matt Martin

Participating Institutions/Members

Any CSU Libraries faculty and staff who have an interest in supporting open access publishing initiatives are welcome to join the Publishing Interest Group. No fewer than three CSU campuses should be represented.

2021-2022 members include:

  • Jaime Ding (co-facilitator through February 2022), SLO
  • Matt Martin (co-facilitator), San Francisco
  • Robert Browder, San Francisco
  • Mark Bilby, Fullerton
  • Pam Kruger, Chico
  • Alyssa Loera, Pomona
  • David Morck, Northridge
  • Kyle Morgan, Humboldt
  • Dana Ospina, Dominguez Hills
  • Rita Premo, Sonoma
  • Marco Ruiz, Channel Islands
  • Ryan Rush, Pomona
  • Melissa Seelye, San Francisco
  • Paizha Stoothoff, Los Angeles
  • Danielle Daugherty, SLO

  • David Walker, Systemwide Library Initiatives

Note: The Statement of Purpose, Reporting Structure, and Scope of Work were last revised by Melissa Seelye on October 7, 2020.