Data Visualization - Needs Assessment

Document statusDRAFT Final Draft Due September 1, 2018
Area coveredAnalytics
Lead AuthorTBD
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Action Log

Point Person
Expected Completion Date
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Next Action Required
Design survey / information gathering methods

Deploy survey / gather data

Visit CSU-wide governance standing meetings (Discovery, Tech Services, Access Services) to share about this project, encourage survey responses, and gather informal feedback and ideas

Analyze Survey Data and write section summarizing researchLauren Magnuson (Unlicensed) 

Complete additional sections:

  1. Collections & Usage (Alma, EZProxy, etc.) (Karen)

  2. Teaching/Instruction (Elizabeth)

  3. Budgets / ROI -- (Laura and Kimberley)

  4. Services / Events / Physical Space (Jennifer)

  5. Circ / ILL / Access / User Services (Alyssa)

  6. Public-facing (metrics of interest to the public about library effectiveness)  (Elizabeth)

  7. Mashups w/campus data (Karen)

  8. Messy Data - how do we deal with/normalize? (Marco)

  9. Summary of Recommendations

  10. Bibliography


Finish Executive Summary and Final Draft