Data Visualization - Environmental Scan



Testing and Sandbox

This task force will investigate and experiment with various data visualization software packages in order to craft a a recommendation for CSU-wide architecture.

Data visualization technologies to evaluate include (but are not limited to):

Action Log

SectionPoint PersonExpected Completion DateLast Action TakenNext Action Required
  1. What other libraries/library consortia are doing or have done (literature review/survey/listserv queries?)

Alyssa Loera (Unlicensed) 

II. Data Central Storage / Data Lakes infrastructure and available tools -- [Natasha, Lauren]

Natasha Allen (Unlicensed)Lauren Magnuson (Unlicensed) 

III.  commercial and open source data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, SuperSet, Elastic stack) [Karen, Laura and Carl]

  • Set up server space to experiment with technologies 
 Lauren Magnuson (Unlicensed)

IV.  Risks/problems involved in data visualization projects in libraries, and recommendations regarding data security and privacy 

Lauren Magnuson (Unlicensed) 


Finish Executive Summary and Final Draft

Task List

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