Best Practices for Analytics Shared Reports

This document is for our best practices recommendations for adding reports to the CalState folder in Analytics for Fulfillment.

To find the CalState folder, please follow the instructions in this guide.

Best Practice Recommendations:

  • Place all reports in the unverified reports folder.  All reports will be checked by the Fulfillment Functional Committee prior to placing them in the verified reports folder.
  • Reports should be named in the following format:
    • Name of the Report_Institution Code_Date (mm-dd-yyyy)
    • For example:  lostloans_sjsu_04042018
  • Please be careful when using filters.  If reports require information that is specific to your institution, rather than selecting the data in a filter, use a prompt instead.
    • Here is a document on How to create a prompt in an Alma Analytics Report.
    • Using a filter that is too specific (e.g., shelving location = 3rd floor, stacks) will render the report unusable for other institutions.  
    • Prompts are populated by your local data.  
    • Filters are more appropriate for general data (e.g., dates).