Using Import Profiles to Load Vendor Brief Bib & Order Records into NZ

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Campuses will need the capability to add batches of brief records from vendors to the CSU Network Zone.  In order to increase consistency of records, optimize the potential for collaborative collection development, and reduce unwanted duplication, a best practice is being recommended regarding the development and use of Alma Import Profiles for loading these records into the NZ.  This process will enable the inclusion of minimum acquisitions data for brief records entered at the time of order, and can be integrated to utilize various vendor services and workflows.

Best practice recommendations

When loading brief records from vendors into the CSU Network Zone, campus libraries should utilize Alma import profiles that are configured to standardize the inclusion of recommended "minimum acquisitions data" as well as other data recommended for shared NZ records going forward.  One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is to utilize the recommended processes shown at Import Profiles for Loading Brief Order Records and WCP into NZ.  

Procedures in Alma

Import Profiles for Loading Brief Order Records and WCP into NZ

Orbis Alliance document.


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Procedures posted at Import Profiles for Loading Brief Order Records and WCP into NZ

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