CSU Special Collections and Archives Community of Practice

The California State University Archives Roundtable was created as a community of practice to bridge the CSU campus archives and archivists continuing the CSU-wide efforts that began in 1996. The mission of the CSU Archives Roundtable is to:

  • Promote the CSU Archives and Special Collections Departments
  • Establish an information exchange network for archivists in the CSU
  • Increase public awareness of CSU Archives and Special Collections
  • Create a professional collective archival voice within the CSU system
  • Create space for conversation about archives and special collections within the CSU

CSU Archives Listserv address:


  • Ellen Jarosz, California State University, Northridge
  • Pam Kruger, California State University, Chico
  • Sean Visintainer, California State University, San Marcos
  • Greg Williams, California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Heather Steele, California State University, Long Beach
  • Laura Sorvetti, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo




Directory of CSU Archives Personnel (last updated 9/2021).

CSU Roundtable Docs (Google Drive folders)

Special Collections and Archives Slack Channel

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